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Hello guys, my name is Ilia Bagdavadze and I have been telling you a story of my family and my country Georgia in the previous article, I was writing about the faith of my grandparents, who were against the Soviet Union, fought in every way they could against the regime and lost their live to Bob Marley Is This Love soon, not only I never got to see my grandparents, but neither did my father got to be with them properly, he was 5 when they were taken away from him, he was brought up by his aunt and this tragic experience was a big blow for him. I was born in the beginning of 90’s when the situation in the Soviet Union was unstable and it was on its way to fall apart, frankly saying I don’t remember the situation back then, simply because I was too little, but I can recall the times after the Soviet Union had collapsed, It was a very dark time in the History of Georgia, everyone wanted to be excluded from the Soviet Union and the whole country protested in the streets of Georgia in 1989, they wanted to leave the Soviet Union, but the regime had other plans, the protesters were attacked by the Soviet army and dozens of people died that day, that day 9 April is now remembered as a tragic day in the history of Georgia.

Georgian people still got what they wanted after 2 years, the Soviet Union was dissolved and Georgia was celebrating independence, but the collapse of the Soviet Union had its negative sides, they had a system in which every country was more or less connected to each other through manufacture, one country was responsible for one part of production and the other was responsible for the other, this way everything was interdependent and couldn’t function normally on its own, because of that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, economical situation in Georgia was extremely bad, there was hunger all over the country and the political situation was unstable too, two opposing parties were fighting to gain control of the country and because of that the situation escalated and turned into a civil war that lasted for 2 years and was ended in 1993. The pro Russian political party had won the fight and the situation continued relatively badly in the country, Georgia was not a part of Russian empire anymore, nonetheless it had controls over the country, the infrastructure was not progressing in Georgia in the late 90’s everything was kind of frozen and the economical situation was very bad.

Even though my parents had to endure such problems and raise me in the country that seemed to have nothing good, my father never lost his faith that everything would change and the situation would improve, because he had endured much more harsh times and knew that everything has its end, even situations as bad as this. Situation in Georgia stayed like this till 2003, the pro Russian government wasn’t making any changes to improve the situation in Georgia and people were fed up with it, that is why in 2003 a revolution took place in Georgia, the old government was changed by the new ones that had their course towards West, you might think that it would be an end to the problems in Georgia, but you would be mistaken, changes really happened in Georgia after 2003 and people were happy about that, infrastructure was building, investors were putting money in our country and the situation was becoming stable, but the other side of this government was their corruption, they had taken the situation in their hands and thought that everything belonged to them, so because of that the tension in Georgia was rising and people grew unhappy about the injustice that was taking place.

The next era in Georgian history began when the existing government was changed, it was no need for another revolution because the majority of people were against the current government and wanted them to go, so instead of them a new more progressive government took the responsibility to develop Gerogia. I asked a famous musician Bera what he thought about the current situation in Georgia, he said that this time the situation became more stable than in any era of newest Georgian history, after the struggles of our people in the times of the Soviet Union, when everybody was scared and had no freedom, were everybody was scared for their lives, to the situation when our country was in civil conflict, the situation was bad and we had no food, after the dramatic change which seemed to be a right decision, but quickly became another negative force for our country, finally we got to have a stable and just government that thinks about their people.

Find Out Very Useful Online Flash Games For Kids

Regarding The Games

cubefield is a flash game created by Addisonr as well as released in 2011. The video game includes a scrolling, platforming kind of shooter with a distinctive arcade feeling. It is key-board as well as mouse regulated. You’ll really feel a lot of resemblances here if you’ve played Unreal Tournament. There are 2 plot-driven campaigns, each focused around a various in-game intrigue (one is humans as well as the other is aliens). The human project is suggested to be the easier of both, giving different levels of trouble to each campaign. There are additionally several different general match types, including Deathmatch, Elimination, Capture the Flag, Supremacy and also Juggernaught.


During the project, the Run 3 video game is simply a sidescrolling shooter. You utilize the arrowhead secrets (conversely the WASD keys) to relocate, crouch and duck, as well as you utilize the computer mouse to factor and also click to shoot. As you play you get factors with which you could buy brand-new tools and abilities for quick matches or future degrees.

The fast matches are probably the most addictive part of, and they’ll what’ll bring you back repeatedly. Deathmatch is a conventional kill-to-score kind of duck life game. You can use teams or alone, and whoever reaches the collection amount of points initially wins.

Elimination is sort of like Deathmatch, yet highlights survival rather than killing; each player starts with a collection amount of lives. When all lives are lost, you not respawn. The last player standing victories.

Capture the Flag is really conventional. You have a flag, and your enemies have a flag. Take their own and also bring it to your home base to rating, and also stop them from taking yours and also racking up with it.

Your goal is to hold the area down to score factors. For every 3 secs the point is held, your group will score one factor until one group scores the optimum number of points for that suit.

When it comes to playing shooters of any kind of kind, juggernaut will be acquainted for those of you that are well-experienced. One player is the juggernaut and receives bonuses to their damage and health statistics. The only way to rack up points is by coming to be the juggernaut and eliminating adversaries; you become the juggernaut just by killing the existing one.

Throughout video games, you can switch buttons by pressing the assigned weapon button (one to 7 on your keyboard). These aren’t tool slots for private tools; they’re for different kinds of tools, rather. Your default weapon, a handgun, is in the first port, yet you could purchase other pistol-type tools to place in that port with credits earned by playing Online impossible quiz game . Sniper rifle type tools are in port 5, etc.

Idea Moving your arrow all the means away of the 2048 cupcakes game or the various other will enable you to see better in that direction. It’s very useful when you’re aiming to stay in place and/or ambush opponents.

You could win extra credit histories by using a higher problem setting.

Try to time your powerup grabs at critical times; nothing is worse than being invincible however having no one around to kill!

The Return Man 3 in-game tutorial is a must.

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The tunnel rush game showcases a scrolling, platforming kind of shooter with a distinct game feel. As you play you get points with which you could purchase brand-new tools as well as abilities for future degrees or quick matches.

Throughout games, you can change buttons by pressing the designated tool switch (one to seven on your key-board). Your default tool, a pistol, is in the very first slot, however you could buy other pistol-type weapons to place in that slot with debts earned by playing. Moving your cursor all the method to one side of the gamefudge game or the other will certainly enable you to see even more in that direction.